5 Reasons You Should Consider Medical-Grade Skincare

5 Reasons You Should Consider Medical-Grade Skincare - Sente Labs

Try a Medical Grade Skincare Routine

When there are thousands of skincare products on the market, how can you tell which ones are actually effective and powerful? There are a few hints that can lead you to finding the best quality products that are driven by potent ingredients and carefully crafted formulations. Products labeled as “medical-grade skincare” are often among the most reliable and worthwhile. But why is medical skincare better? Find out with this guide from the Senté team.

What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare contains purer and more concentrated quantities of powerful ingredients than normal skincare products and are targeted to improve specific skin needs. Medical grade skincare is often recommended by dermatologists and undergoes clinical tests to ensure safety, efficacy, and purity.


1. Better Quality Ingredients

You’ll rarely find harmful fillers or low-quality ingredients in medical skincare. The standards to which these products are held don’t allow it! The same can’t be said of other skin products, which may contain ingredients like petroleum jelly, cocamide DEA, phthalates, and triethanolamine that can cause harm to your skin and your body.


2. Higher Concentrations of Ingredients

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With higher concentrations of the most important active ingredients, medical skincare is targeted to deliver longer-lasting effects. By containing more beneficial ingredients, you’re supercharging your skincare routine to reach deeper into the layers of your skin to actually affect the core of the problem, instead of simply masking it. In addition, you can find the exact concentrations of ingredients listed on the label, something you won’t see in lower-quality products.

3. Formulated or Recommended by Dermatologists

Medical-grade skincare is more than just a title; it means that a medical professional was involved in creating, testing, or recommending the products. Their supervision adds another layer of protection for consumers. While not all dermatologist-developed products are considered medical grade, anything that is medical grade involves the oversight of a medical professional.

4. Clinically Tested for Efficacy

With better clinical testing, there is evidence that the skincare products you’re buying actually affect the change you’re looking for. A great track record says a lot about the quality of the product and the efficacy of the ingredients. So, when you choose a medical-grade skincare routine, you know that you’re always getting clinically tested products that show powerful results.

5. More Targeted Care

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With medical skincare, you’re looking at products that have been created to address one specific need. From acne and redness to sensitivity and aging, there are tons of categories that each have their own line. Some brands even consider the climate in which you live and the effect it has on your skin before recommending the best products for you.

If you’re looking for targeted solutions that are made exactly for your skin type, medical-grade skincare is for you. The more details you provide, the more targeted and effective a product you can find.

Shop Smarter

You don’t necessarily have to create an intricate medical-grade skincare routine. Sometimes, it’s enough to have one or two extremely potent products that focus on your problem areas. If you’re not sure where your routine needs a little extra boost, take our skincare quiz to find out. We’ll recommend one or two products that are particularly well-suited for your needs. Once you add them to your routine, you may see much more impressive results.

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