Senté’s niacinamide skin care solutions are clinically proven to hydrate and even out complexions within weeks. The niacinamide ingredient helps to reduce inflammation, pore size, and visible redness. Shop our niacinamide-containing products and medical-grade solutions to experience the joy of having healthier, brighter-looking skin.

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A Restorative & Hydrating Skincare Ingredient

Niacinamide ⏤ also called nicotinamide ⏤ is a form of vitamin B3. This water-soluble vitamin is found naturally in foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and cereal grains. This nutrient is necessary for healthy skin. Niacinamide helps your skin produce keratin and ceramides, which are essential components of its outermost layer.

The top layer of your skin is responsible for locking moisture in and keeping environmental stressors out. When this protective barrier is damaged, water easily evaporates and external irritants absorb deep into your skin. This leads to skin dehydration and inflammation, producing dull, red, blotchy skin that is hypersensitive.

Niacinamide skin care products stimulate protein and lipid production to rebuild the skin’s barrier. A healthy barrier will minimize water loss to keep your skin hydrated. When the barrier is restored, external stressors can’t enter your skin and irritate it. This helps decrease inflammation-induced redness, leading to a more even-looking skin tone.

Plump & Restore Your Skin With Senté’s Niacinamide Ingredient

Senté’s niacinamide skin care products also come with the Senté patented Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) skincare technology. HSA is a modified version of Heparan Sulfate ⏤ a naturally occurring molecule that is essential for relieving damaged tissue and maintaining healthy skin.

When combined in one formulation, HSA and niacinamide enhance the effects of one another. Try the Senté Illuminé Eye Cream to experience the synergistic power of this duo. In one clinical study, our eye cream was shown to diminish the appearance of skin discoloration and wrinkles around the eye area within four weeks of use.

Senté niacinamide products also offer facial moisturizers. Our Dermal Contour Pressed Serum is formulated with Niacinamide and HSA to promote even skin texture and firmer-looking skin. Antioxidants and niacinamide work together to protect and maintain a healthy barrier. With the help of reduced water loss and irritation, you can say goodbye to dull, blotchy skin. Order our niacinamide skin care solutions to radiate health and confidence.

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