Rosacea-prone skin calls for gentle active ingredients that not only help soothe redness but also help protect your skin’s barrier. Senté offers a wide variety of rosacea-friendly skincare solutions, including creams, serums, and sunscreens. Explore dermatologist-recommended, sensitive skin-approved products like anti-redness serum, redness relief cream, and sunscreens that are formulated to help deeply hydrate, minimize irritation, and reduce visible redness.

Dermal Repair Cream
Dermal Repair Ultra-Nourish
Bio Complete Serum
Even Tone Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 40 Light-Medium
Even Tone Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 36 Medium-Dark
The Repair Duo
Invisible Shield - SPF 52 Tinted
Invisible Shield  - SPF 49 Untinted

Cleansers, Moisturizers, and Sunscreens for Redness-Prone Skin

You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your skin—not itchy and irritated. Unfortunately, many skincare products on the market today use harsh ingredients that trigger redness, irritation, and rosacea flare-ups. The result? Skincare that does more harm than good, or a product that doesn’t address the real cause behind your inflamed skin.

Besides persistent redness, inflammation can also lead to skin dehydration and accelerated signs of aging. Luckily, Senté understands how to effectively care for redness-prone skin. Our skincare solutions use gentle ingredients, like our exclusive Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), to help balance and restore your skin.

During clinical testing, Senté anti-redness serum and cream were shown to:

  • Soothe visible signs of redness and irritation
  • Improve the overall appearance of skin
  • Deeply hydrate
  • Help protect against external stressors
  • Enhance the skin barrier

Redness-Prone Skincare Backed by Clinical Research

Every Senté product is made with proven, efficacious ingredients. We know how important it is to properly care for your skin, especially when you’re prone to rosacea and irritation. Our easy-to-use medical-grade skincare solutions are endorsed by over 500 physicians and with good reason. Our patented HSA technology helps skin repair itself from within and can’t be found anywhere else.

For years, dermatologists have been recommending our anti-redness serum and redness relief cream to their patients. Today, we’re excited to offer it to you directly for your best skin yet. Get healthy-looking skin and you can be proud to show the world with Senté today.