Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Your skin doesn’t always show the world who you really are. At Senté, we recognize that wanting a healthier, younger-looking complexion is not about vanity. Formulated with our exclusive skin-repairing technologies and proven anti-aging ingredients, Senté ageless skincare products help reverse the signs of aging so you can feel and look your best. Start owning how you show up in this world with our efficacious and rejuvenating face, eye, and neck creams.

Dermal Repair Cream
Dermal Repair Ultra-Nourish
Bio Complete Serum
Dermal Contour Pressed Serum
Illuminé Eye Cream
Neck Firming Cream
The Repair Duo
Even Tone Retinol Cream

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skincare Technologies

Time takes its toll on your skin. As you age, free radical damage from air pollution and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation degrade the collagen and elastin fibers that provide support and elasticity to the skin. With decreased strength and elasticity, skin becomes more fragile and less likely to recover, leading to permanent grooves that show up as fine lines and wrinkles.

Senté ageless skincare products are formulated with proprietary Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), Chondroitin Sulfate Analog (CSA), Dermatan Sulfate Analog (DSA), and time-release retinoids to help reverse the damage and revitalize your skin. HSA, CSA, and DSA work to support the skin's natural ability to repair itself and promote and protect collagen and elastin fibers from within, while retinol increases collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

In clinical studies, our ageless skincare products have shown to:

Groundbreaking Skincare Brand Founded on Innovation

Senté was founded on research and innovation. Our pioneering skincare brand was established in 2007 after ten years of researching and designing a form of heparan sulfate that can be applied topically to help skin repair and rejuvenate itself. Our proprietary ingredients are efficacious in their ability to deliver visible results within a few weeks.

Over the last few years, Senté has taken the world of skincare by storm. Our medical-grade products were among the top three fastest-growing brands dispensed by dermatologists in 2019. Senté ageless skincare formulations are recommended by renowned medical institutions such as Yale University and Penn Medicine because we provide clinically proven solutions. Enjoy the confidence boost that comes with having glowing, youthful-looking skin when you shop Senté anti-aging products.