Cleanser & Moisturizer

Senté knows that sensitive skin needs special care. Our clean face cleansers and hypoallergenic moisturizer help purify and gently hydrate your skin without disturbing its protective barrier. Achieve a radiant, healthier-looking complexion within weeks using clinically tested soap-free cleansers and clean moisturizer.

Dermatologist-Tested Cleansers and Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Common skincare products can contain toxic chemicals, harsh soaps, and irritating fragrances which damage skin’s protective barrier and disrupt its function. When the skin's barrier is weakened, allergens penetrate into and irritate the skin, triggering diverse inflammatory responses. It’s this skin inflammation that causes discomfort, visible redness, and emotional distress.

Senté’s clean face cleansers have fragrance and soap-free formulations to remove debris and makeup gently without disturbing the skin’s natural balance. Our soap-free cleansers and clean moisturizer help support barrier function and reduce moisture loss, promoting the skin’s defenses against allergens that cause inflammatory dermal conditions. Senté’s daily moisturizer and cleansers are ideal for shielding sensitive skin from environmental damage.

In clinical studies, our cleansers and hypoallergenic moisturizer have shown to:

  • Soothe irritation
  • Calm itching
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Help reduce visible redness

The Missing Link in Skincare

Senté is revolutionizing the world of skincare. We don’t just make clean skincare products: we innovate our own proprietary formulations. Founded in 2007 after ten years of research on heparan sulfate, we are the first and only company in the world to design a form of heparan sulfate that can be applied topically to help repair skin damage and promote a healthier complexion.

Today, Senté’s clean face cleansers and moisturizer are recommended by the nation’s top dermatologists. Our gentle yet highly efficacious solutions were among the three fastest-growing medical-grade skincare brands dispensed by dermatologists in 2019. Senté’s science-based skincare products are endorsed by prestigious academic institutions such as Yale University and Penn Medicine because they are proven to work.

Don’t let your skin hold you back—reinvent your healthy skin routine with Senté today!