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We are not an overnight success. We are medical grade skincare pioneers who discovered how to replenish our skin's diminishing supply of Heparan Sulfate, a natural component of our skin that it needs to regulate inflammation, control visible redness, restore even skin tone, and stay hydrated, plump and firm.

Our clinically-derived Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) has been used by medical professionals for decades to aid in the body's healing process of inflammation. Senté was the first and only company in the world to successfully modify a form of HSA that can be infused into topical products to help repair damaged skin.

Since 2007, we have helped physicians address the uneven skin concerns of their patients. Now Senté is available directly to you.

Skincare that sticks to its word. Trustworthy products that keep their promises.

Senté exists to put its technology and professionally vetted formulas to work for all skin tones and types. To cut through the hype with purposeful products. To give you exactly what your skin needs, creating a true path to your best skin.

You can shop for skincare or you can stop with Senté.

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