Kit & Set

Senté facial sets include everything you need to support healthy skin renewal and help soothe irritation. Our patented Heparan Sulfate Analog technology helps renew damaged, inflamed skin by promoting deep hydration and strengthening your skin’s barrier function. Enjoy visibly healthier, more even-looking skin with our sensitive skincare kits.

The Repair Duo
Daily Repair Essentials Starter Kit
Complete Repair System Kit

Achieve Visible Results with Sensitive Skincare Sets

Our multi-step kits are easy to use and ideal for multiple skin types, including redness-prone and sensitive skin.

Start with a creamy cleanser to gently remove impurities while soothing even the most delicate skin. Then, depending on the facial set you choose, use either a serum, repair cream, or both. Dermal Repair Cream reduces the appearance of visible redness without irritation, helps even skin tone and texture, and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Finish your skin set with a mineral sunscreen to deflect harmful UV rays and protect your freshly cleansed and soothed skin. With multiple sensitive skincare kits to choose from, it’s easy to establish a life-changing skin routine with Senté.

The Best in Medical-Grade Skincare Solutions

Since 2007, we’ve believed that owning how you show up in this world is the ultimate freedom. That’s why we created our unique skincare solutions—so you can feel confident in your skin.

Senté is the first and only brand to create a version of heparan sulfate, an essential component of healthy skin, and incorporate it into skincare products. All of our facial sets contain products that are dermatologist recommended and distributed by more than 500 physician offices across the United States. That’s the level of trust and expertise Senté brings to you.

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