Heparan Sulfate Analog Technology:

Meet the revolutionary repairing molecule used and recommended by 500+ dermatologists to promote even skin tone in every complexion.

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Does your skincare contain the breakthrough repairing molecule?

What is Heparan Sulfate?

Like hyaluronic acid, heparan sulfate belongs to the glycosaminoglycan family of naturally occurring water-binding molecules found throughout our body.

What does it do?

Along with being an excellent skin hydrator, heparan sulfate orchestrates our skin’s immune response to inflammation and enables the repair process of skin cells. With age, the amount of heparan sulfate in your body decreases which leads to chronic skin inflammation. This inflammation is responsible for facial redness, and visible signs of aging among other skin concerns.

Heparan Sulfate is a naturally occurring
component of your skin that is essential
to maintaining skin health

Meet Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) - Senté's Exclusive Breakthrough Repairing Molecule

Senté is the first and only brand to successfully design a low molecular weight version of heparan sulfate, which allows it to be readily absorbed. Our patented and proprietary Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) molecule mimics the effects of heparan sulfate, providing a natural boost to your skin’s immune response to inflammation and promoting repair from within.

What are the benefits of HSA for your skin?

Senté’s skincare products with revolutionary repairing HSA are made with sensitive skin in mind and have been scientifically shown to:

Reduce visible redness

Promote deep hydration

Strengthen barrier function

Decrease the appearance of uneven skin tone

Improve appearance of fine lines

Visible Improvements in skin tone evenness with Senté

Experience Real Redness Relief

Visible reduction in persistent redness after 2 weeks

In a clinical study using Dermal Repair Cream:

  • 79% of subjects with sensitive skin agreed that their skin was less sensitive and irritated after 2 weeks
  • 70% of subjects with sensitive skin showed a visible reduction in redness after 4 weeks

Reveal smoother, more even-looking skin

Visibly improved skin tone evenness after 4 weeks

Dermal Repair Cream:

  • 76% of subjects agreed that their skin tone was more even after 4 weeks.

Better Together

HSA helps prevent irritation and enhances results

HSA + Retinol

HSA strengthens the skin barrier and improves tolerability when paired with prescription retinoids or retinol products.

HSA + pigmentation correcting ingredients

HSA helps prevent inflammation induced- pigmentation.

HSA + In-office treatments

HSA is also recommended for use with peels, micro-needling, and non-ablative laser treatments among others.

Your Skincare Routine With HSA


2.Moisturize and Repair



2.Retinol Renewal

3.Moisturize and Repair

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