How To Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

How To Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring - Sente Labs

Springtime is all about new beginnings, and that includes transitioning over to your spring skincare routine. Staying on top of your seasonal skincare regimen is so important. After all, the products you use in frigid temperatures and low humidity aren’t always the right choice for spring’s warmer, sunnier conditions and the increased moisture in the air. Read on for expert advice on how to update your skincare routine for spring.

Use Gentle Cleansers and Moisturizers

Winter’s cold, dry air tends to damage the skin barrier and deplete the skin’s natural oils, often leading to inflammation, dehydrated skin, visible redness, and many other common conditions. Additionally, dead and damaged skin cells can accrue, causing the skin to appear dull and tired.

Because these problems aren’t as prominent after the winter weather fades, your spring skincare routine can be lighter and gentler. During the winter, it’s understandable that your instinct would be to use strong physical exfoliants to eliminate dead skin cell buildup. However, most of the cleansers and moisturizers out there actually do more harm than good. Physical exfoliates are far too harsh on the skin, using abrasives that erode the skin barrier and leave your skin susceptible to damage from a myriad of external stressors.

Senté gentle exfoliating cleansers and moisturizers offer the best of both worlds. This cleanser is a chemical exfoliant to provide highly efficacious and gentle exfoliation that is soothing for sensitive skin. As you plan your spring skincare regimen, consider switching to Senté solutions year-round, rather than taking just a harsh, seasonal skincare approach. 

Senté cleansers and moisturizers offer the potency and strength you need for any weather, but they’re also light and gentle. They’re soap-free and fragrance-free, so they don’t harm your skin barrier, naturally locking moisture in while keeping external stressors out.

Gently Exfoliate Rough and Dry Skin

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Just like using harsh cleansers, exfoliating can damage your skin barrier. However using the Senté exfoliating cleanser with glycolic acid and phytic acid is a fantastic idea this time of year because it removes dead skin cells while also improving the protective barrier.

One of your major goals when planning your spring skincare routine is to rejuvenate the skin to improve its tone and texture. Senté exfoliating cleanser accomplishes this with two essential ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid has a low molecular weight for deeper entry into your skin. Not only does this help to remove stubborn dead skin cells, but it also stimulates collagen production.
  • Phytic acid helps to neutralize free radicals while accelerating skin cell renewal.

These two ingredients combined work wonders in producing an even-looking glow, especially after harsh winter weather has taken its toll on the skin.

Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen and Antioxidants

It’s important to consider your lifestyle changes as you plan your seasonal skincare routine. You’re probably going to be spending a lot more time outside, so your spring skincare regimen should reflect that.

First and foremost, you should have been wearing sunscreen in the winter, and that shouldn’t change. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your skin any time of year, but spring and summer have more visible sunlight, and people are exposed to it more frequently because they go outside more. Use Senté mineral sunscreen daily — multiple times per day, if necessary.

On the same page, you may want to incorporate more antioxidants into your routine for added protection from free radicals, pollutants, heavy metals, and other external stressors that can damage your skin while you’re outdoors. Our sunscreens do contain potent antioxidants, but it never hurts to add other antioxidant-infused products to your spring skincare plan.

Spring Cleaning: Replace Your Old Skincare and Makeup Products

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One step that often goes overlooked when transitioning to a new season is getting rid of expired and worn products. Besides losing their potency, they may contain germs and bacteria. Take a minute to go through all of your products and do some spring cleaning. If something is expired, or if you simply don’t use it anymore, get rid of it. Toss any makeup brushes that are more than six months old.

Shop Medical-Grade Solutions at Senté

These simple steps should make a big difference as you transition from winter to spring. At the same time, everyone has their own unique requirements and preferences when it comes to creating a spring skincare routine, so if you’re not sure what’s right for you, take our skincare quiz or contact us for personalized seasonal skincare advice.

Senté medical-grade skincare products are innovative, active, and efficacious, as well as easy to use, clean, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. They’re also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. 

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