Spring Forward: Rejuvenate Your Skin with Senté’s Skin Repair Duo

Spring Forward: Rejuvenate Your Skin with Senté’s Skin Repair Duo - Sente Labs

Spring has officially sprung, and that means it's time to up your skincare regimen in anticipation of spending some time under the warm glow of the sun.


Whether you're looking forward to sitting on a patio somewhere, a slight breeze in your hair and sipping on sangria, or taking it easy beneath a shade tree while reading a good book, we're here to make sure you're covered.


A Vital Piece of the Spring Skincare Puzzle: Sente's Repair Duo


Due to winter being such a dry season — with so many of us holed up inside at work or at home to avoid the chill — it may come as no surprise that your skin could use a little bit of a pick-me-up.


Sentè's Repair Duo bundle is specially formulated to repair skin from within, boosting the skin's response to inflammation and providing an even skin tone for every complexion. Retinol and retinyl safflowerate combine to promote skin cell turnover, a gentle process that improves the appearance of fine lines and reduces redness (all without introducing any itching or irritation).


Fragrance, gluten, and cruelty free, this pair of products — our Bio Complete Serum and Dermal Repair Cream — can have you looking your very best as early as four weeks from when you begin your "new season, new you" routine.


New To Retinol?


If you're new to incorporating retinol into your skincare arsenal, the Repair Duo is the perfect place to start — at least according to certified physician assistant Xochitl Renteln:


“HSA helps reduce visible redness while hydrating and repairing the skin, while Bio Complete Serum... my favorite starter retinoid I recommend to patients all the time... boosts that cell turnover without any of the dryness and irritation."


HSA, or heperan sulfate analog, is Sentè's patented solution for skin repair and rejuvenation. A cornerstone of our skincare philosophy, HSA is a clinically tested and physician recommended solution that promotes skin hydration, diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone, and creates a stronger and more resilient skin barrier — while also reducing redness and inflammation or irritation.


As vital parts of the two-part kit, both retinol and HSA work together to deliver real results you can see within a matter of weeks.



Top Off Your Spring-Summer Prep With Quality Sunscreen


Last but certainly not least, if you really want to get ready to take on the great outdoors, you should strongly consider picking up a supply of our Even Tone Mineral Suncreen.


Dermatologist Dr. Ramya Garlapati said the sunscreen can "blend effortlessly and provides coverage for a range of skin tones," and our returning clients are inclined to agree, it seems.


"It seems like I've tried almost every sunscreen out there. But this one is by far my favorite! The trouble I find with most sunscreens is that they are either too thick, have a chalky texture and/or color, or they are too greasy/dry. But this one checks all the boxes of a great sunscreen. It almost has a serum texture that makes it amazing to apply, and the tint is perfect! #obsessed," Olivia wrote.


"Great mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin. It reduces my redness and doesn’t burn my face which was happening with other tinted SPF products. Will continue to use," Caroline chimed in.


Offered in two tones (light-medium, and medium-dark) this complete sunscreen contains zinc and titanium dioxide, two powerful natural antioxidants which also provide UV protection — and also protect the skin from screen-emitted light. A full SPF 40 coverage means you'll be properly shielded from any damage the sun, or screen, might seek to do to your skin.


Enjoy the Change of Seasons, and the Skin You're In


So, there you have it! By pairing the Repair Duo with some of our sunscreen, you'll truly be ready to step outside and enjoy the change of seasons without worry.


We'll save you a spot at the picnic table!