Top 10 Proven Methods to Repair Aging Skin

The appearance and progression of aging skin are frustrating, at the very least, especially when you've been religiously applying products that promise repair and reversal results. With every brand, both high-end and drugstore, guaranteeing consumers the best anti-aging skincare, it's near impossible to know how (or what) to choose.


Luckily, some methods consistently repair and reverse signs of aging, and they aren't unattainable by any means. Before we dig into discussing the best anti-aging eye creams, and the products that we know will work best for your skin, it's essential to understand why skin ages in the first place.


The Natural Reasons Behind Aging Skin

While opinions vary when it comes to the best age to use anti-aging cream and various products, the reasons behind aging skin are unanimous among scientists and dermatologists alike. As of right now, nobody has been able to find a way to stop the natural aging process, but that does not mean we should help it along.


The two most significant factors that contribute to aging are aging naturally and sunlight. High levels of UV rays are notoriously bad for our skin, and when we combine them with the mere act of getting older, we have got a recipe for wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin.


The human epidermis and the dermis, also known as the skin, are the two distinct layers that make up our bodies' outer barrier. While our skin protects us from environmental damage, such as bacteria and UV radiation, we throw a lot at it throughout a lifetime, which results in irreparable damage.


It is important to note that this damage, for the most part, is natural. The aging process is sped up substantially by drinking, smoking, stress, exposure to extreme heat and cold, and diet choices.


While science has made enormous leaps and bounds in the right direction toward the repair and reversal of aging skin, we must make the right decisions regarding the way we treat our bodies, and as a result, our skin. It starts with drinking a ton of water, knowing which is the best anti-aging night cream, and an incredible skincare routine.


Incorporate Retinoids into Your Skincare Routine

Retinoids are an effective way to slow down the effects that the natural aging process and free radicals have on the skin. Retinoids are topical skin lotions that have a reputation for incredible results, including reducing signs of aging, treating acne, lightening age spots, firming the skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Retinoids do their work at the DNA level, striving to increase collagen production and stimulate new blood vessels' growth. Retinol will also speed up surface skin cells' turnover so new and healthy skin cells can take their place.


Regimens with retinoids, such as the SENTÉ Repair Duo, fix many skin problems with very few side effects. The combination of the Bio Complete Serum and the Dermal Repair Cream is moisture-packed, creamy, and borderline revolutionary, climbing the ladder toward the best retinol anti-aging regimen.


The patented Heparan Sulfate Analog technology offers a reduction in visible redness, along with wrinkles and fine lines. When used as directed, The Repair Duo awards incredible results and showcases the perfect use of retinoids, and it may be the best anti-aging regimen in the world.


Apply Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreen is one of the most valuable anti-aging tools available today, especially when combined with the best anti-aging cream for your face. Sunscreen harbors the skin's ability to prevent aging prematurely and block the UVA rays that age us. It also lessens UVB rays' effectiveness, the glow from the sun that burns our skin.


Those who use a topical retinoid cream at night should use sunscreen daily to prevent sunburn. Retinoids are notorious for allowing the skin to burn quickly. Also, avoid tanning beds at all costs.


SENTÉ boasts two great sunscreens in our product line, including SENTÉ invisible shield tinted (SPF 52) and untinted (SPF 49). Weightless and quick-absorbing, our sunscreens can be worn alone or under makeup, but either way, offer ample protection from UVA and UVB rays.


Sunscreen is a must-have product for every skincare routine. It is a step you should never skip!


Get Plenty of Exercise

Right next to water consumption, exercise is a beautiful weapon for battling aging signs that appear on our skin. For many years, experts touted the benefits that movement has on the aging process. However, just how beneficial exercise, especially aerobic exercise, is has been very recently brought to light.


According to this study, when older cells act like younger cells, it is entirely possible to reverse the natural aging process's signs. Therefore, partaking in regular exercise is the perfect way to convince the body that it's younger than it actually is.


Whether or not this study will yield the same positive results in future tests remains to be seen. However, it's imperative to every lifestyle to maintain some exercise routine, whether it be intense HIIT or laid-back yoga.


When you have finished working out for the day, remember to cleanse your face to prevent congestion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. SENTÉ offers two fantastic cleanser choices, including Daily Soothing Cleanser and our Exfoliating Cleanser. Each will cleanse post-workout pores and keep your skin healthy and bright.


Keep Your Skin Moisturized

If you want to look younger, then it's vital to keep your skin moisturized. Moisturizing doesn't stop at the face, and we should take great care in keeping our entire body hydrated, both topically and internally.


Water is the perfect starting point for hydration and helps to visibly reduce certain signs of aging. However, topical moisturizer, such as the SENTÉ Ultralight Defense Moisturizer, is just as vital to achieve smooth, bouncy skin.


Packed with powerful antioxidant benefits and providing a light but protective moisture barrier, the SENTÉ moisturizer is ideal for all skin types but really works its magic on aging skin. It soothes, moisturizes, and defends.


Get Your Hands on An Incredible Eye Cream

Applying eye treatments, much like the SENTÉ Illumine Eye Cream, is the only road to take, leading to younger-looking eyes. The skin around the eye area is thin, fragile, and incredibly prone to wrinkles, especially from smiling or squinting.


Eye cream or gel is a fantastic way to combat this issue. It doesn't hurt that the SENTÉ cream may be one of the best eye creams anti-aging wise. If you're looking to reduce fine lines, dark circles, and redness around the eye area while deeply hydrating, then the SENTÉ cream is for you.


Stop Using Harsh Skincare

Often, products advertised as the best anti-aging skin cream or the best anti-aging face cream can be detrimental to your skin. Over the years, harsh ingredients and toxic chemicals have made their way into our skincare routines effortlessly and sneakily.


Any skincare that stings or burns is typically not ordinary unless your dermatologist tells you otherwise. When you irritate your skin, you stress it out, and when you stress it out, it ages. A product line like SENTÉ offers the most in-depth hydration in soothing formulas that work, guaranteeing you'll never feel pain or stinging during application.


Pay Attention to Your Neck and Decollete

When it comes to a skincare routine for reversing and repairing aging skin, we must focus on areas other than the face. Establishing a strict routine for your face is highly recommended, but don't forget about your neck and decollete. These areas have thin skin as well, prone to appearing crinkly and aging quickly.


Moisture and targeted cream treatments will keep these specific regions appearing healthy and youthful. SENTÉ Neck Firming Cream provides the best anti-aging skin cream available. Deeply hydrating, this cream improves the look of the neck and skin above the chest quickly and efficiently.


Utilize Heparan Sulfate Analog Technology

When you choose SENTÉ, you're choosing our patented HSA technology. Ideal for sensitive skin, this repairing molecule is perfect for anyone looking to reverse the telltale signs of aging.


By targeting the underlying inflammation that leads to our skin being unable to repair itself, HSA delivers deep hydration and dramatically improves wrinkles' appearance. Skin that is regularly treated with HSA technology looks younger, healthy, and more even.


Incorporate DSA and CSA Products into Your Lineup

Dermatan Sulfate Analog (DSA) and Chondroitin Sulfate Analog (CSA), also known at SENTÉ as the skin-firming duo, are essential to nourish the skin. These molecules firm and replenish, and can be found in our best anti-aging wrinkle serum.


DSA and CSA support the skins collagen and elastin production. When paired with HSA, the visible age reversal benefits are unstoppable.


Keep Your Routine Consistent

The best method of repairing and reversing the effects of aging is to keep your skincare routine as consistent as possible. Using SENTÉ products, both day and night, will drastically improve the look and feel of any skin, especially aging.


To see results from any skin repair method, it's vital to stay on top of your routine. Remember, drink your water, apply your sunscreen, and moisturize the heck out of your skin with a high-quality, beneficial molecule-based moisturizer. Your face will thank you.