Many people can feel trapped in skin that is marred by age spots, melasma, rosacea, and dark undereye circles. Formulated with our exclusive Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology and non-hydroquinone pigment correctors, Senté skin discoloration creams help even out your complexion so you radiate health and confidence. Shop our medical-grade skin discoloration serums to help improve hyperpigmented skin within weeks.

Dermatologist-Recommended Hyperpigmentation Solutions

A clear, glowing complexion is the epitome of youth and good health. Achieving an even skin tone, however, can seem like an unattainable goal. Many factors— including inflammatory dermal conditions, unprotected sun exposure, and hormonal changes—can produce excessive redness, undereye circles, and dark spots or patches on your skin.

Senté skin discoloration creams are formulated with patented HSA technology, slow-release retinoids, and novel pigment correctors to help you achieve a healthier, younger-looking complexion. HSA helps calm irritation and repair from within to improve skin quality, reduce redness and reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles, while cysteamine—a powerful antioxidant—diminishes the appearance of stubborn discoloration and pure retinol accelerates cellular turnover to even and smooth discolored skin.

In clinical studies, our dermatologist-recommended skin discoloration serums and creams have shown to:

  • Reduce visible redness
  • Fade dark spots and patches
  • Produce a more even skin tone
  • Improve the appearance of dark circles

Skincare Founded on Innovation

Senté is not just another emerging skincare brand. We are a leader and pioneer in the world of medical-grade skincare. Founded in 2007 after a decade of research into heparan sulfate⏤a naturally occurring molecule essential for optimal health⏤we are the first and only company in the world to succeed in bioengineering a form of HSA that can be infused into topical products to repair damaged skin tissue.

Today, Senté skin discoloration creams are taking the medical world by storm. Our revolutionary skincare products are the reason we were among the top three fastest-growing brands dispensed by physicians in 2019. Senté is endorsed and recommended by prestigious medical institutions such as Yale University because our formulations are clinically proven to work. Shop our hyperpigmentation products and skin discoloration serums to reveal a more radiant and confident version of yourself to the world.