Zinc Oxide

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light is the primary cause of skin aging; therefore, sunscreen is the best tool against visible signs of aging. That is why Senté offers zinc oxide skin care products. Zinc oxide ingredients offer natural UV protection while helping to calm your skin from redness and irritation. Shop Senté medical-grade zinc oxide formulations to enjoy healthier, more even-looking skin.

Even Tone Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 40 Light-Medium
Even Tone Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 36 Medium-Dark
Invisible Shield - SPF 52 Tinted
Invisible Shield  - SPF 49 Untinted

A UV Blocking and Soothing Ingredient

You’ve probably seen this ingredient in calamine lotions and diaper rash creams. Zinc oxide is a white, water-insoluble powder that occurs naturally as the mineral zincite. This natural mineral has a long history of use in skin care. For millennia, people used this medicinal ingredient in healing salves to treat wounds and skin damage like burns and scars.

Today, zinc oxide is a key active ingredient in many sun protection products, and for good reason. This mineral is one of the best sunscreen ingredients currently available. Zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Since it’s a natural ingredient, zinc oxide skin care products don’t harm your health or irritate your eyes and skin.

In addition to its UV protecting properties, zinc oxide ingredients also have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The soothing action of zinc oxide is the reason why the ingredient is commonly used in many anti-itch and rash creams. The topical application of zinc oxide products can help calm acne-prone and redness-prone skin. This can help reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and give you a clearer complexion.

Protect and Calm Your Skin With Senté Zinc Oxide Skin Care Products

Common zinc oxide sunscreens have a thick consistency and leave a white cast on your skin. But Senté sunscreens are different. Our physical sunscreens have a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula, leaving an invisible UV shield on your skin. Senté sunscreens come in tinted and non-tinted formulations so you can wear them under or instead of your foundation.

Although most sunscreens can be irritating, Senté mineral sunscreens are gentle on the most sensitive of skin. Our fragrance-free formulation is hypoallergenic, free of chemical UV filters, and less likely to trigger acne breakouts. In addition to zinc oxide ingredients, Senté sunscreens are packed with antioxidants to protect against free radical damage. Use our zinc oxide skin care products to improve your skin’s health and appearance.