The Best Lotions for Dry Skin According to Dermatologists

The Best Lotions for Dry Skin According to Dermatologists - Sente Labs

Dry skin is unwelcome at any time of year and at any age. It's uncomfortable, itchy, and emotionally upsetting for the person living with it. Whether it be on the face or hands, dry skin is different from dehydrated skin and is treated topically.

The best face cream for dry skin will quickly and efficiently take care of the issue at hand, as long as the individual understands where dry skin issues originate. As you’ll find out below, dry skin is rarely an overnight occurrence, and instead, is a result of neglecting the skin or caring for it incorrectly over an extended period.

Common Reasons for Dry Skin

There are many reasons people get dry skin, ranging from underlying disease to cold weather. Most of the issues that cause dry skin are entirely benign and easy to resolve with a good dermatologist-recommended lotion for dry skin.

Oftentimes, skin dryness is caused by external factors such as hot or cold weather, prolonged or frequent baths, and low moisture in the air. You can do plenty to improve the look and feel of your dry skin, including knowing which is the best body or facial moisturizer to use.

It's important to take great care when choosing the best face cream for dry skin, as well as body lotions, moisturizers, and body cleansers. Harsh soaps can dry skin out quickly and trigger redness. It's often impossible to replace that moisture with a regular body lotion.

Relying on Dermatologist-Recommended Lotions for Dry Skin

In cases of severely dry skin not related to an underlying medical condition, it's common for dermatologists to only recommend the best moisturizing cream for very dry skin. There are thousands of body and facial moisturizers available today, ranging from inexpensive drugstore brands to high-end products.

With so many options to choose from, dermatologist recommendations should be nothing short of coveted. Knowing which options help alleviate dryness gives us back the time we would otherwise spend scouring the lotion aisle. Luckily, this is where our medical-grade product range comes in.

Senté Products Boast Extreme Moisture and Lightweight Formulas

Built on the idea that cleansers and moisturizers should be light, yet incredibly effective, Senté continues to wow dermatologists with soothing formulas that moisturize even the driest of skin. As a brand, we focus on providing the best products by using only non-irritating, multi-tasking ingredients.

We know which anti-aging creams are best for dry skin because it's common for aging skin to be dry. We've aggressively addressed hundreds of skin issues over the years, and we're beyond proud to boast many of the best creams for dry skin, according to dermatologists.

Senté Dermal Repair Cream

Our Dermal Repair Cream is a one-in-a-million find and one of the best dermatologist-recommended lotions for dry skin. Formulated to soothe dry skin while reducing the signs of aging, this incredible cream goes on light, absorbs quickly, and is never greasy. Deeply hydrating, this cream promises to help promote repair in as little as four weeks.

Dermal Repair Cream is perfect for sensitive, dry skin, and utilizes our proprietary Heparan Sulfate Analog technology to help skin repair itself from the inside out. Say goodbye to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and visible redness as green tea extract soothes, providing a punch of antioxidants.

Senté Dermal Repair Ultra-Nourish

Dermal Repair Ultra-Nourish is perfect for those suffering from extremely dry or dehydrated skin. This award-winning product is one of the best face creams to make dry skin soft, radiant, and glowy.

Dermatologists recommend this repairing cream because of its ability to provide a nourishing moisture barrier while defending against free radicals and other environmental hazards. It's formulated with HSA and a unique lipid blend to help reduce moisture loss and support the skin's barrier function.

This formula doesn't clog pores and is hypoallergenic and gluten-free. It does not contain harsh or irritating fragrances. Dermal Repair Ultra-Nourish by Senté can be used once or twice a day, but wait until it’s fully absorbed before moving onto the next part of your skin routine, whether it be makeup primer or sunscreen. It is a top dermatologist-recommended lotion for dry skin.

Senté Bio Complete Serum

Perfect for sensitive skin that needs a blast of moisture and anti-aging retinoids, Senté Bio Complete Serum is terrific for dry skin sufferers who are just beginning an anti-aging routine. This lower-concentration retinol is comfortable to wear, offers minimal irritation, and gently tackles the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Dermatologists recommend this serum to accompany any of our best face creams for dry skin because the risk of irritation is minimal, and 100% of clinical study participants saw improvement in skin texture in as little as eight weeks. It is also well tolerated.

Please note: retinol can cause sun sensitivity, which can lead to dryness and sunburns if ignored. When using the Bio Complete Serum, be sure to pair it with sunscreen.

Senté Dermal Contour Pressed Serum

If you're looking to complement our dermatologist-recommended lotions for dry skin, look no further than this lightweight, never greasy skin-firming serum. Our cream-and-serum hybrid helps skin renew itself, making it perfect for anyone who wants an anti-aging solution with calming properties for dry and sensitive skin.

Firmer, younger-looking, and moisturized skin is the result of using Dermal Contour Pressed Serum over time. Physician approved for sensitive skin sufferers, this serum is gluten-free and won't clog pores, making facial congestion a thing of the past.

It's easy to use, and after twelve weeks, the results are dramatic. After cleansing your skin, apply one to two pumps of Dermal Contour Pressed Serum and massage it gently into your skin. Allow it to absorb fully before moving on to moisturizer.

Senté Illuminé Eye Cream

Senté Illuminé Eye Cream is recommended by dermatologists to keep the eye area firm while reducing the appearance of dark circles and providing a mega-dose of moisture. Our innovative HSA technology encourages drastic improvement around the eye area in as little as two weeks.

Dermatologists love this eye cream because it appeals to a wide range of patients, and its gentle formula makes it non-irritating, which is essential in a product that goes near the eyes. This fantastic eye cream contains niacinamide, which helps enhance the skin barrier and reduce moisture loss.

Illuminé Eye Cream is another one of our best face creams for dry skin and is a must-have product for those living with dryness and fine lines around the eye area. Dry skin around the eyes enhances the fine lines that tend to show up there, and it can be incredibly itchy—making makeup application near impossible.

Beyond being a dermatologist-recommended lotion for dry skin, Senté has also gone the extra mile by ensuring this cream is ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen by Senté

Senté has gone above and beyond with its revolutionary untinted Invisible Shield Sunscreen SPF 49. Sunscreen is a vital part of every daily skin routine, as it offers protection from the sun and anti-aging benefits.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen SPF 52 Tinted is suitable for dry skin and provides 52 SPF protection, while the untinted version is a perfect veil to prevent UV damage. Both versions absorb fully and offer 100% lightweight protection from the sun, without a greasy feel or residue that interferes with makeup.

Every time you apply this sunscreen, your skin will take on a healthy, youthful glow. It seamlessly works with our best face creams for dry skin because there are no chemical filters or harmful ingredients. It’s just pure, non-pore-clogging protection. If you'll be out and about all day, toss this light sunscreen into your bag and be sure to apply it every two hours or as needed.

The fact that it's oil free helps it not interfere with cosmetics, whether you've got on a full-coverage foundation or a simple tinted serum. One of the best ways to use this sunscreen is to purchase the tinted version and use it instead of foundation, saving plenty of time on your morning routine.

The Balancing Act Between Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry skin is often also sensitive skin. It's imperative to be careful what you put on it because the wrong product can end in burning, stinging, and painful irritation. According to dermatologists, Senté has the best face cream for dry skin because we offer optimal moisture and protection without harsh ingredients.

Senté formulas are paraben and gluten-free, which makes them suitable for a wide range of skin types. The results speak for themselves, with the majority of test subjects in clinical studies experiencing positive results.

Having dry yet sensitive skin is a constant balancing act. Knowing which creams and serums will help while providing positive anti-aging results is necessary to establish an effective skincare routine.